Ten percent of nothin'

I recently received new prints to add to my collection! 

The middle, framed Breaking Bad poster is by Chris Morkaut, and was a gift from the lovely Mahli-Ann! It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

The Firefly posters were bought from Thinkgeek, and were illustrated by Megan Lara, who you can follow here on Tumblr!

Special thanks to Ron Workman, who hooked me up with some cool shit from 72Pins (the WoW / Skyrim carts) and it8bit’ new store (the Neil deGrasse Tyson / Science is a way of thinking prints). 

Arrested Development NEStalgia Is Here!

Created by super-artist Jesse Eisemann, this 6 cart set is of one of the greatest TV series in history and we are excited to see it in NEStalgia cart form. There is I’m A Monster, Chicken Dance Revolution, Mr. Bananagrabber, Stair Kart, Steve Holt!, and Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution which can be purchased individually, or you can buy the entire set and save! 

As a bonus, each cart has a special Arrested Development genre icon as well as an awesome new addition of QR codes which you can scan to pull up the animated version of each design!

Available now @72Pins

(via: it8bit)