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Geek-Art - Definitely one of my favourite blogs on Tumblr. So if you’re looking for a treasure trove of geeky goodness, Geek-Art has you covered. 

VGN - Video Game Nostalgia post some awesome shit. You should follow them, you won’t regret it. 

Tiefighters - Hands down one of the greatest Star Wars blogs on the internet. Yep. 

elyshatheriddell - Elysha can actually art. So, yeah. 

Donc-Desole - Okay, I’ve posted so much of this persons art it’s not funny. Follow for the best Team Fortress 2 art! 

Herochan - Herochan is my favourite comic themed blog. They post quality material, so you should check them out. 

Tusken-Raiders - Another great Star Wars blog! While you’re at it, check out Geekpride!

Wednesdaywolf - This guy does great things. Follow for great justice!

theirlipssinkships9 - She hasn’t been on Tumblr long, so help a brother out. 

Ianbrooks - You’re already following this guy. Move along.

jess4dinner - She’s awesome, you should follow her. 

Xombiedirge - This guy posts frakking awesome shit. Trust me when I say you should check out his blog. 

Chocobroseph - This kid is a douche. 

iwilding - He’s one of my favourite artists, and I’ve posted quite a lot of his stuff. That’s more than enough reasons to follow him. 

Geeksngamers - I love this blog, and so will you. 

demiurgic - Follow her for the most awesome illustrations on the internet!